All the Comforts of Home

Today’s blog is guest written by my sister.  Enjoy!

There are many reasons to learn to knit or crochet. While these two needle art

forms may not be the easiest activities to learn, they can be very rewarding and

therapeutic. Here are five great reasons to consider learning to work with yarn:


1. People in your family have been doing it for generations. If this is the case, you

probably have a basic idea of what it involves and what you are getting into. You

also have a built-in buddy system to help you learn the more difficult patterns and



2. You don’t like sitting still and need something to do with your hands. Personally,

this is one of the reasons I crochet; I am not capable of sitting still while watching TV

or at an event. I want to have something to show for that time, and the progress you

can make is amazing, even if it is only 30 minutes a day.


3. You want to give a gift that really means something and is unique. Most types of

art require some natural gift, like music or painting, but that is not true of knitting

or crocheting. It may take a while, but if you keep practicing, eventually you will be

able to produce great-looking afghans and scarves to give as gifts.


4. You want something that will last. It is really hard to beat handmade, and, if you

make it yourself, you know exactly what you want and how you want it to look. It is

customization on a whole new level.


5. You have always been interested, but don’t think you have the time or talent.

Knitting and crocheting may take time to learn, but once you know the basics you

can be productive, even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend every week. Any idle

sitting time is basically built-in knitting and crocheting time. Watching your favorite

shows is a great time to learn, practice, and later create great things.


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