Foaming Hand Soap

I’ve been experimenting with several new things to make at home – facial cleanser, dry shampoo, and body lotion.  The body lotion still eludes me, it’s still either too thick or too runny.  As I get things perfected I’ll post but today I’m just posting something simple – foaming hand soap.  

We had a bottle of foaming hand soap that I’d picked up at Whole Foods and when it ran out, here’s what I did:

Filled the container almost to the top with distilled water

Added 2-3 tbsp of Dr Bronner’s liquid castile soap

Added 2-3 tsps of sweet almond oil (jojoba oil also works well)

10-15 drops of essential oil – whatever scent you like.  I used Clove oil today and so far we’re digging the smell of our clean hands.

Replace the foaming top and give it a whirl!  Mine foams  quite well, more thick than the foam that came in the bottle.  This is so quick and easy to do and really doesn’t use much of the more costly ingredients.  Have fun!


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