From Air Filters To Jewelry Creation

Hi again!  

  Sorry it’s been a minute.  There has been some fun stuff (kayaking) and some not-so-fun stuff (researching tax information for my business) in the last week but life is about balance, right?  Researching what taxes I need to pay and how often really helps me feel I’ve earned my time conquering the white water fun of Georgia rivers.  

  I do struggle with the balance, as I suspect most people do.  Some days I just can’t bring myself to research any subject that  I have no innate interest in, but I’m assured that knowing many of these things is integral to starting a successful small business.  I do believe the hype about business plans and writing one means you have to research all the uncomfortable things: tax codes, personal resources and finances, laws and government regulations…you get the gist.  

  I do promise to report back in this space about how everything turns out – *fingers and toes crossed* – but for now I’m choosing to believe strongly that this will all be worth it.  After all, it’s way better than my last job in IT, it gives me time to volunteer (to get me out of the house!) and I feel good about taking the occasional evening to spend with friends and a big box of jewelry beads and wire or even the incredibly rare whole day to attach myself to a kayak with loved ones and laugh our way through the rocks and rough water.  

  One final positive – my pets love that I’m home so much and they show it.  I don’t know where I’d be without any of these small parts that make up the machinery of a life.  

  I hope all of you are blessed to have the little joys every day that help you get through.



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