How to make flea-repelling rub for canines

  It’s been a wet, warm summer here in Georgia so the mosquitoes and fleas are rampant.  We’ve managed to battle them successfully thus far but I wanted to try a more gentle recipe in addition to the normal flea and tick ointments, just to make sure the dogs have some protection even towards the end of the month when the strength of the meds is waning.  Here’s how:

Take 4-5 lemons and cut them up (I cut them into eighths) and simmer in 6 cups of water for several hours.  Add water as it evaporates but just simmer, do not boil the water.  I let mine simmer for about 6 hours.  

Let the water cool and then strain into a container (I used a Mason jar), you should have about 6 cups of water.  

Add 1 tsp of glycerin and mix into the lemon water.  

Rub this mixture onto your dog after it has fully cooled – do a test area first to make sure your dog has no allergies to the citrus.  It’s very important to test this first – dogs are like people and can have allergies.  

Also DO NOT use this on cats.  Feline skin reacts badly to citrus and essential oils.  

Store the lemon rub in the fridge, it should be good for up to a week.  

Fleas do not like the smell of citrus so you can throw an orange or two into the mix as well.  This mixture will not kill fleas or flea eggs, it only makes your dog less attractive to them. I’m simply using this to give my dogs a little bit of extra protection in the last week before their next flea and tick treatment due to the huge numbers of bugs this summer.  It is not meant to be the only flea treatment they get, it’s only supplemental.  I don’t want to coat them in too many chemicals and I want them to be as protected as possible so I’m taking extra non-toxic precautions.  My dogs do not have an allergy to this rub so it’s a great solution for us!



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